Interested in working as a temp dentist?

Would you like to transition into part-time dentistry with no overhead or administrative headaches? Would you like the opportunity to work when you want and earn extra income? Dr. Fill-In provides many such opportunities.

Existing practices are often constrained to a single location and relatively stable revenue levels. If you’re interested in a simple way to augment your in-practice revenue, Dr. Fill-In lets you earn more in a way that works around your existing commitments. Dr. Fill-In assignments mean more money and greater perspective on other practices, all with a fraction of the paperwork.

Are you building a practice but seeking supplemental income? Recently graduated and hungry for exposure to varied practices and working environments? Looking to get ahead of your student loans or saving for something special?

By matching the demand of busy practices with qualified dentists, you can earn income while enriching your resume and widening your avenues to permanent employment. Temp Dentists have the chance to work in a variety of locations and practice sizes, and you can make yourself available for times and destinations that are suitable to your personal schedule.

Busy and Stress-Free

I sold my dental office in 2012. I am not interested in any worries about collection, production, overhead, or management requirements to the work. I simply do basic dentistry, and I thoroughly enjoy the lack of stress. I highly recommend Dr. Fill-In as an employment opportunity for all dentists.

Dr. Joe Boyle Temp Dentist

    Great Opportunity

    Dr. Fill-In is a great opportunity for a new dentist because it allows you to experience different dental office settings while sharpening your own techniques. I finished my first assignment and left with many ideas that I want to implement in my own practice someday. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.

    Alison T. King, DMD Temp Dentist